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At Midwest Spine and Sport, we help athletes reach their full potential while minimizing the risk of injury. Combining evidence-based tests, drills, and exercises, our team focuses on improving strength, mobility, and stability.


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How It Works

Through evidence-based tests and drills, we pinpoint specific areas that need to be addressed and potentially treated. With careful guidance from our experienced professionals, athletes then engage in a series of soft tissue and rehabilitation exercises aimed at improving overall performance.


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Benefits of Our Sports Injury Treatments

  • Decreased likelihood of sustaining injuries: By addressing weaknesses and imbalances, our program helps athletes build resilience and reduce the risk of common sports injuries.

  • Enhanced performance: Improved strength, mobility, and stability translate to better athletic performance, allowing athletes to excel in their sport.

  • Continued participation and competition: With a focus on injury prevention and performance optimization, our program enables athletes to continue participating and competing in the sports they love for years to come.


What our customers are saying

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Dr. Keutzer is the best!

Dr. Keutzer is the best! He does a very thorough job with both assessment and treatment. I’ve been dealing with shoulder pain after multiple injuries through the years and his sports medicine approach has helped me greatly. Highly recommend for athletes and anyone experiencing pain or injuries!

-Dylan Dix

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One of our favorite coaches

One of our favorite coaches, has finally opened his own clinic in Blue Springs. Coach Jimmy has helped our oldest son tremendously with the knee pain he feels due to the Osgood-Schlatter diagnosis and has given our boys each different exercises and maintenance programs to work on to stay flexible and in shape. You should definitely give Dr. Keutzer a try. He's great even if you're not an athlete!

- Tracey Cochran

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Absolutely one of the best

Absolutely one of the best Chiropractors! I love that he stretches you first before adjusting you! I also love how he educates you on what you can do at home to help!!

- Tee Abigale

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