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Our Mission

Midwest Spine and Sport empowers both patients and athletes to reach their peak performance. Our mission is simple yet profound: to guide you on the path to recovery, strength, and excellence.

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Our Services

Our approach is client-centric, focusing on quality over quantity to ensure that you move back and better than ever. Whether you're recovering from an injury, enhancing your sports performance, or seeking relief from pain and discomfort, we are here for you.

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Chiropractic Therapy

Through adjustments, we alleviate pain, enhance flexibility, and improve physical function. By addressing the underlying cause of joint dysfunction, chiropractic care promotes healing and prevents future injuries.

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Dry Needling Therapy

We use thin needles to target knots and trigger points within the muscles, promoting relaxation and improved function.

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Movement Rehabilitation

We combine strength training with dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) and global rehabilitation and injury prevention (GRIP) to help clients regain mobility, strength, and more.


Sports Performance Therapy

Through evidence-based tests, drills, and exercises, we identify and address areas for improvement.

About OuR Company

Midwest Spine and Sport is more than just a sports physical therapy clinic. We are a trusted partner in your journey to optimal performance and wellness. Located in Blue Springs and Lamar, Missouri, we combine expertise with a genuine passion for helping our clients reach their full potential. Our goal is not only to help you recover from injury but also to optimize your physical function, enhance joint mobility, and reduce the risk of future injuries.

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What our customers are saying

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Dr. Keutzer is the best!

Dr. Keutzer is the best! He does a very thorough job with both assessment and treatment. I’ve been dealing with shoulder pain after multiple injuries through the years and his sports medicine approach has helped me greatly. Highly recommend for athletes and anyone experiencing pain or injuries!

-Dylan Dix

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One of our favorite coaches

One of our favorite coaches, has finally opened his own clinic in Blue Springs. Coach Jimmy has helped our oldest son tremendously with the knee pain he feels due to the Osgood-Schlatter diagnosis and has given our boys each different exercises and maintenance programs to work on to stay flexible and in shape. You should definitely give Dr. Keutzer a try. He's great even if you're not an athlete!

- Tracey Cochran

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Absolutely one of the best

Absolutely one of the best Chiropractors! I love that he stretches you first before adjusting you! I also love how he educates you on what you can do at home to help!!

- Tee Abigale

Why Choose Us

Elevating athletes to peak performance is at the core of what we do. When you choose Midwest Spine and Sport as your sports physical therapy clinic in Blue Springs, MO, you can expect:

  • Leadership in sports physical therapy in Blue Springs

  • Specialization in all-in-one therapy, offering a comprehensive range of services from chiropractic care to recovery techniques

  • A trusted reputation among athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA, and local MSHAA

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